Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

— Peter Drucker

Culture roots people to something larger than themselves, just as families and communities do. Our work is about helping people and organizations lead with heart, integrity, passion, radically honest communication, unbridled energy, and a dose of fierceness. We support the creation of communities that challenge, inspire, and champion one another to succeed.

Leadership at all Level

A people-centric culture – with leadership at every level – naturally leads to innovation, collaboration, and accountability.

  • Embolden employees to take ownership and lead with heart, unrestricted by hierarchy.
  • Empower individuals at all levels to take risks, create, and be expressive, joyous, and authentic.
  • Be the catalyst that helps something extraordinary happen.
  • Develop people-leaders that possess this baseline: every voice matters.


Unleash the enormous energy and emotional depth of being a purpose-driven organization with people doing work that is meaningful to them beyond the bottom line.


Clearly outline and bring to life a strong set of unifying values within the fabric of your organization. Let these values guide business decisions from top to bottom.


Tribes celebrate together. Moments matter. Impact people. Let this human approach be your team’s way of doing business.

A company’s human undercurrent has an immediate influence on what is happening in the foreground of your business. Embrace and resolve disruptive background issues as they arise. Create an environment where:

  • issues are addressed quickly and without baggage
  • high-impact communication is practiced
  • gossip isn’t tolerated
  • people listen to understand

Cultivate an environment where individuals can safely see their full self and grow from this full-view awareness. The more tuned in we are of our Technicolor selves, the more we embrace all our characteristics with tolerance and curiosity, the more clarity, energy and capacity we have in excelling and growing ourselves.


Companies that intentionally “manage their cultures well”
outperform similar organizations that don’t.
Study by John Kotter and James Heskett over a ten-year period

The Culture Journey


Through comprehensive feedback from all levels of your company, we will come to understand what obstacles and opportunities are at play, and transform and leverage these.


In collaboration with your company’s leadership team, we will use the Culture Keys to build your organization’s unique Culture Blueprint.


We will bring the Culture Blueprint to life in partnership with senior leadership and your newly-created culture and action planning teams.


We will measure the financial and emotional success of the Culture Blueprint on your organization through a second series of surveys and data analysis.

Case Study

Century 21 Department Stores

This large retailer has enjoyed growth and profitability in a fiercely competitive environment. However, an outgrown, 50-year old culture of compliance and ‘putting your head down’ revealed employee engagement scores at 15 points below the industry average. Century21 lacked the right people-strategy as fruitful soil to propel the business strategy triumphantly into the future.

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