Rally individuals,

Electrify cultures &

Deliver breakthrough


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Our Purpose

is to unleash soul

in business.

Our Mission

is to bring forth

leadership at all levels,

embolden authenticity

& catalyze high performance

with a high purpose.

Our Vision

is a world where

people live fiercely -

with openness,


freedom, integrity

and personal power.

Our Values

be the
you are

Take risks.
Be yourself.
Be free.

Bring fierce, loving honesty, vulnerability, and connection. Every person matters: take good care of yourself - and others. Forgive. Laugh at and work with your ego. Share your heart.

Create and have fun. Innovate. Push the leading edge. Make high-performance the base-line. Have sharp business acumen. Lead the pack. Bring dreams to life. Act with craftsmanship.

Share — your heart, your wisdom, the wealth — and drink in what’s shared with you. Make a significant, positive impact in the world.
What people are saying about us

    We were at a tipping point as a company, we would either tip to greatness or we would stay where we were. There was clearly opportunity to be more inclusive, there were boundaries drawn around who did what, who could talk to who, who was in what clique. We had a cultural problem. A lot of what we did with ThinkHuman, creating our values, the new interview process and onboarding, the LeaderLab and how we trained the managers, how we trained our cashiers and sales associates, was different than anything we had ever done. What you think you can do on your own, you really can’t. We’re nowhere near the end zone in this game, but we wouldn’t even be in the game had we not engaged ThinkHuman. We’re all in the same band now, playing the same song, and we sound good.

    Larry Mentzer
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Century 21 Department Stores


    When we started working with Think-Human, we knew we wanted to better define our talent selection and succession strategy and strengthen the leadership skills of our sales directors. Think-Human helped us create tools, processes and systems that directly impacted the quality and retention of new hires. From there, we crafted individualized coaching experiences including customized communication tools and effective performance management techniques. By blending our culture with the team at Think-Human we built a game changing, results driven program that truly did unleash the soul of our sales team.

    Vickie Frisbie
    Bowlmor AMF


    In view of my retirement after 38 years of active duty for Royal Philips Electronics, Meredith supported me through the process of preparing for this major change in my life. I had not planned for my retirement comprehensively enough and Meredith challenged me in a constructive way to develop my next phase and next career, looking to balance what really makes me tick as a professional with personal aspirations but also as a family man. My retirement could have been a black hole. Instead it is proving to be a rich phase of my life, with a renewed relationship with my family and the ability to continue to contribute to society. It is all about developing a sense for another legacy.

    Paul Zeven
    Former CEO Philips North America
    New York and Europev


    My executive coach helped me figure out what I needed to deal with to move forward. This honest yet safe environment has made all the difference. I appreciate having worked with an executive coach at ThinkHuman!

    Los Angeles


    If you want to cause real and meaningful change for yourself or your organization, you've come to the right place. I am so pleased with the work the executive coaching work the ThinkHuman has done at my company. We are working together in a more productive way, our results are up and work is more satisfying to both me and my employees.

    Business Executive

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